A deeply intuitive and functional piece of hardware, the Midas M32 is a top of the line portable mixing console.

Ground-breaking by design, the M32 console brings together legendary Midas sound quality with advanced digital quality combines legendary MIDAS sound quality with advanced digital technology, future-proof 96 kHz capable open architecture design and industry-leading 192 kHz ADC and DAC converters, creating a revolutionary mid-format live console.

The Midas M32 features ultra-sleek styling, offering you a truly luxurious mixing experience. High-end construction materials including carbon fibre provide unparalleled durability and strength, plus substantially lower weight than comparable consoles.

The Midas M32 utilises award-winning MIDAS PRO Series microphone preamplifiers and the custom-designed MIDAS PRO motorised faders that are rated for 1 million life cycles-three times more than other leading consoles.

Including 40 channel faders and over impressive 25 faders along with a custom design that gives the Midas M32 its precise and silky feel. Also there is certainly an ultra-sleek and modern look to this mixing console.

For the times you want your large event to be able to produce the goods, the M32 can do so with eight Digital Controlled Amplifier’s and six mute groups, it becomes a piece of cake to produce those large shows from a console as high tech yet simple as the Midas M32.

The Midas M32 has also been created in conjunction with Bentley Motors’ industrial designer Rajesh Kutty to create the stylish yet completely functional console. The layout makes for incredibly easy use, while the design makes it amazingly light weight for a console of such build quality.



  • 40 Channels
  • 96 Inputs
  • 96 Outputs
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Faders: 17 x 100 mm
  • Buses: 25